Commissions CLOSED!

2017-05-03 18:16:42 by D-Rock

I didn't get as many commissions as I hoped, but it was still much more successful than the last 2 years of commissions combined.  I'm very grateful and humbled by that.  I'm not sure if I will do another commission season in the future, let alone commissions, in general.  If I do, they'll be very selective.  From now on, I will be focusing on my own projects.  Currently, I'm in preproduction of my first true hentai parody short film.  It's going to be the most ambitious project I've taken on yet.  Be on the lookout for more news on that, soon, as well as news about other things going on with me.


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2017-05-04 01:26:27

Sounds terrible.


2017-05-04 09:31:32

Badass, bro! Keep up the great work.