Entry #21

Wow, 500 fans!?

2018-03-14 14:22:04 by D-Rock

Seems I have finally reached the big 5-0-0.  Thank you all for following me and my work!  It seems like it was not too long ago where I had 100 followers on here, and it was a big deal for me.  I'm happy and very grateful that so many of you enjoy my work, some enough so that they have even supported me financially.  Big stuff is coming, not only the upcoming hentai parody movie, but just higher quality content, in general, as well as bigger ambitions.  I do hope you all will continue to follow me for the rest of this ride!  :D


Just in case youre curious, you can find all of my online presences here:



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2018-03-14 15:08:17

Congrats, mah dude!


2018-03-16 04:40:28

An impressive amount! :) Congrats!